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The educational staff of studies in Romania in cooperation with the top universities. You will be prepared in the right way and we are responsible for your admission in universities. Studies in Romania offers you the appropriate services with professionalism and responsibility and it can be the guarantee for your entry and registration in the faculty and university of your preference.


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Our package also includes the welcoming of first-year students with a short briefing as they arrive and this is known after they receive their acceptance
We also aid in finding acomodationand support is provided by our local partners durind studies, so the combination of all these services is the right decision for successful studies in Romanian universities

The cost of registration and a large part of the payment concerns services outside Greece and they are accomplished in Romania. The services concern one registration in one university and in case a student is interested in extra registrations in other faculties or universities, the candidate is informed about an extra service and translation cost.

Not included: fee for the assessment of the candidate, exam fee for the English/Romanian language test in universities that is necessary, transport costs, food and meal costs during the participation in the exams, final fee of real estate agent, VAT and other taxes.

The detailed description of our services aims to inform the candidate about the process of the registration and the conscious decision to be fellow traveler during the studies.

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